Run it up the flagpole, BPO, monetize. What do these terms mean and where did they come from? They are just three terms used in business and in the high-tech world. That's what this web site is all about. offers high-quality proofreading services. Quality proofreaders at hand 24/7

This project got its start with the realization that there are no web sites that focus on the etymology and usage of business and high-tech jargon terms. There are many business jargon glossary sites, but none that apply rigorous lexicographic standards to the subject.

The world of business, and particularly high-tech business, is fertile ground for neologisms and catch phrases. General and slang dictionaries do not cover many of these terms, either because they are used in too limited a context or because they appear faster than print dictionaries can react. The internet is the ideal medium for capturing these terms and describing how they are used. Not only can a web site respond to new terms and phrases much faster than a print source, but it can also rely on a web of contributors to expand the dictionary and provide citations of usage.

This is very much a work in progress. The actual dictionary entries are few in number at present, but the number will grow. Also to be determined is the eventual fate of the collection. Whether this material will find its way into print is unknown, as is the form such publications might take.

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